KWAS: agricultural machinery: Disk Harrows, Sprayers Catch Suspension, spring shafts - Poland

Ladies and Gentlemen!
"KWAS" enterprise was established in 1991, the company is in the area in the village Babice route Warsaw - Lublin.

We are engaged in the production and sale of:
• displayed on field sprayers,
• disc weapon,
• shafts string.

Disk Harrows Sprayers Catch Suspension PolandDisk Harrows Sprayers Catch Suspension PolandDisk Harrows Sprayers Catch Suspension PolandDisk Harrows Sprayers Catch Suspension PolandDisk Harrows Sprayers Catch Suspension Poland

The company has its own station control sprayers and provides services in the field of welding, turning, grinding, etc. We are in the production of field sprayers.

Our products meet the safety requirements in accordance with European standards and have appropriate certificates and approvals.

We have a few points of business at home and abroad. We guarantee our customers attractive and flexible terms.

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Sprayers is suspended for the performance of chemical treatment plants in the crop protection field, as well as for mineral fertilizer plants using liquid mineral fertilizers

• PUMPS P-140,
• Hydraulic lifting beams,
• The valve has - pressure,
• Rotary heads


Disk harrows machine is suspended on the suspension tri-point system. Harrow has a frame to which the sections are mounted plates with working. For the time being in the front part of the suspension system is equipped with a beam.

The elements are working plates and plates full.

Disk Harrows KWAS are designed to:
• pre-crop soil and concise,
• crushing chunk orcas on the meadows
• implementation of immediately after cutting plants
• undercutting and cover the manure after.

We produce disk harrows a width of 1.7 m to 3.05 m.


Shaft or pipe string is machine authorized to work by aggregating with the appropriate disks harrows KWAS. Shafts are different among themselves the amount of ram, the width of the working and transport. Action shaft is traded on an active element, which is the shaft relative cultivated soil. Turnover occurs only during the growing movement around the unit. The movement causes the tractor unit, which is a complete unit (Disk + harrow shaft string). Rotating around its axis horizontal shaft to the ground and Grinding solids fluffing soil.

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